Golden raisins wholesale by Samrin Trade

Samrin Trade offers to buy golden raisins wholesale. Our dried fruits have a pleasant golden tone, which is the result of drying the bright sorts of grape (sultana). All the dried fruits by Samrin Trade have all the necessary quality certificates, and undergo strict control on all the production stages and customs passing.

Order conditions:

  • Direct deliveries from Uzbekistan. Minimum order – 20 mt ( One full truck ). Mixed loadings are also organised.
  • The product is ready for departure in the course of 14 days since the order moment.
  • The delivery is carried out worldwide, by the most appropriate method: by ships, by trains, or by trucks.
  • First 2 deliveries are carried out on the conditions of prepayment. If the cooperation proves to be successful, the deferment of payment becomes possible.
  • Estimated delivery time is up to 20 working days.
  • Claims on the quality of product are accepted during first 2 weeks since the product receipt.
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The delivery of raisins is carried out worldwide, using the fastest and the most convenient ways: by sea, railroads, or with the help of road transport. To achieve the golden colour of the raisins, a sulphur dioxide is used in the production process. In the final product, the amount of this preservative does not exceed the EU standard of 2000 mg/kg.


Golden raisins

250-350 berries
per 100 grams

What are the golden raisins?

There are many sorts of raisins, but the essence of these dried fruits remains the same. Just like any other sort, the golden raisins are obtained in the process of grape drying. In this case, the bright sorts of grapes are used. The drying can proceed either naturally (sun drying), or by using special drying devices. Raisin drying usually takes much longer time than e.g. apricot drying, and takes approximately 40 days.

The beneficial features of golden raisins

Just like any other dried fruits, raisins contain a lot of glucose and fructose. This fact makes raisins an irreplaceable part of nutrition of the athletes, bodybuilders, and those who daily consume a lot of energy. Vitamins, amino acids, and minerals (e.g. selenium and phosphorus) allow the golden raisins to ease the digestion of other nutrients and proteins. The doctors prescribe raisins to help curing such diseases as acidosis, arthritis, heart diseases, kidney stones, and hair loss.

The use of golden raisins

Alongside with the dark raisins, the golden raisins are widely used in making of flour and culinary products, in homemade tinctures and compotes. Raisins have enriched the recipes of many desserts: puddings, ice cream, pies, casseroles, muffins, and many more. The golden raisins are also actively used in making of curd desserts and Easter baking. Unlike some of the other raisin sorts, in process of compote making, the golden raisins give away all their taste; even a small amount of these dried fruits is enough to create a sweet and tasty drink.

100 g of the product approximately contain:

Dietary fibers
67,80 g
65,90 g
1,90 g
Proteins 2,3 g
Saturated fat
0,1 g
0 g
Energy value 1139 kJ /
272 kcal


The quality of the product confirmed the published certificates.

  • certificate-fscc-samrin
  • certificate-9001-samrin


Main stages of production:

  • Vibratory separator
  • Cascade wash
  • Drying
  • Calibration
  • Laser scanner
  • X-ray apparatus
  • Manual sorting
  • Packing and metal detector
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Uzbekistan: +998 906 049 505

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