Natural dried apricots wholesale by Samrin Trade

Samrin Trade offers to buy natural dried apricots wholesale. Our dried fruits are a high quality product that corresponds to the quality norms and standards, and is certified for sale on the European markets. We sell natural dried apricots in amounts from 1 ton to the full truck. The delivery can be arranged worldwide by the fastest and the most convenient method: by sea, by railroads, or by the conventional roads.

Order conditions:

  • Direct deliveries from Uzbekistan. Minimum order – 20 mt ( One full truck ). Mixed loadings are also organised.
  • The product is ready for departure in the course of 14 days since the order moment.
  • The delivery is carried out worldwide, by the most appropriate method: by ships, by trains, or by trucks.
  • First 2 deliveries are carried out on the conditions of prepayment. If the cooperation proves to be successful, the deferment of payment becomes possible.
  • Estimated delivery time is up to 20 working days.
  • Claims on the quality of product are accepted during first 2 weeks since the product receipt.
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The natural dried apricots are dried without any preservatives, therefore the amounts of sulphur dioxide in the product does not exceed 50 mg/kg.

Available sizes: 2, 8.


kurag2: large dried apricots

101 – 120 pcs/kg

kurag8: industrial dried apricots

221 – 240 pcs/kg

What are the natural dried apricots?

The natural dried apricots differ from the ordinary dried apricots by the means of drying – they are dried under the sun for a week. As a rule, these dried fruits are darker and sometimes they have small spots that appear due to the sunrays, but this does not affect the taste and the beneficial features of the fruits in any way.

Beneficial features of the natural dried apricots

Just like any other dried fruits, the dried apricots are valued for the huge amounts of beneficial substances that retain in the fruit during the process of drying. Natural dried apricots have less vitamins than the fresh apricots, but they compensate this with the amount of minerals they contain: the dried fruits are rich with potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. In addition, they contain a lot of vitamin B5 and pectins, and the amounts of glucose, sucrose, and fructose sometimes reach up to 80%.

The use of natural dried apricots

The dried apricots are used both as a separate dish and as an ingredient of the sweet, vegetable, fish, and meat dishes: they bring sweet and sour taste and pleasant aroma to the meal. Many people like to make compotes and other drinks from the dried apricots. Chopped dried apricots are used as a filling for cakes and confectionery products. Puree made from the natural dried apricots serves as a basis for the face and hair masks.

100 g of the product approximately contain:

58 g
58 g
Proteins 4,1 g
Saturated fat
0,6 g
0 g
Energy value 1456 kJ /
348 kcal


The quality of the product confirmed the published certificates.

  • certificate-fscc-samrin
  • certificate-9001-samrin


Main stages of production:

  • Vibratory separator
  • Cascade wash
  • Drying
  • Calibration
  • Laser scanner
  • X-ray apparatus
  • Manual sorting
  • Packing and metal detector
Let's start to work?Let’s start to work?

Uzbekistan: +998 906 049 505

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