Brown raisins wholesale by Samrin Trade

We offer to buy brown raisins wholesale; here you can buy standard raisins for packing, as well as the so-called small confectionery raisins. During the production process, the raisins undergo double rinsing and cleaning with the help of laser scanner and x-rays.

Order conditions:

  • Direct deliveries from Uzbekistan. Minimum order – 20 mt ( One full truck ). Mixed loadings are also organised.
  • The product is ready for departure in the course of 14 days since the order moment.
  • The delivery is carried out worldwide, by the most appropriate method: by ships, by trains, or by trucks.
  • First 2 deliveries are carried out on the conditions of prepayment. If the cooperation proves to be successful, the deferment of payment becomes possible.
  • Estimated delivery time is up to 20 working days.
  • Claims on the quality of product are accepted during first 2 weeks since the product receipt.
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Raisins by Samrin Trade have all the necessary certificates that correspond to the EU standards, and undergo the necessary additional customs control. The deliveries are carried out worldwide, in amounts from 1 ton.
Humidity – not more than 17%.

The amount of ochratoxin “А” – less than 10 mg/kg.




250-350 berries
per 100 grams



350-500 berries
per 100 grams

How the brown raisins differ from the others?

When buying brown raisins, you can be sure about their quality, because the colour is the easiest way to tell whether any preservatives were used in the production of the raisins. When drying naturally, any sort of bright raisins will become dark and its peel becomes matt.

The beneficial features of brown raisins

Unlike the bright sorts, the brown raisins does not receive treatment with preservatives. Due to this, the brown raisins contain much more potassium, iron, and vitamins (vitamin A, different vitamins of the group B, as well as vitamins C, E, and K) than the other sorts do. This abundance of beneficial elements allows using brown raisins as a kind of natural biologically active food supplement. This supplement will help to prevent many diseases, and will help to soothe the nervous system and to improve sleep.

The use of brown raisins

The brown raisins are mostly used in making of flour and confectionery products; the culinary amateurs are fond of them, too. The dried fruits are actively used in various bakery products, in making of curd desserts, ice cream, and various confection. Many people use dried grapes at home as an important ingredient of many drinks: kvass, home wine, and different compotes.

100 g of the product approximately contain:

Dietary fibers
67,80 g
65,90 g
1,90 g
Proteins 2,3 g
Saturated fat
0,1 g
0 g
Energy value 1139 kJ /
272 kcal


The quality of the product confirmed the published certificates.

  • certificate-fscc-samrin
  • certificate-9001-samrin


Main stages of production:

  • Vibratory separator
  • Cascade wash
  • Drying
  • Calibration
  • Laser scanner
  • X-ray apparatus
  • Manual sorting
  • Packing and metal detector
Let's start to work?Let’s start to work?

Uzbekistan: +998 906 049 505

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