Black raisins wholesale by Samrin Trade

Samrin Trade offers to buy black raisins wholesale from Uzbekistan. The black ones are the most natural dried grapes. The grapes are dried in the shade, without using any preservatives. Our black raisins have natural, rich, sweet taste, and undergo various quality control checks on all the production stages.

Order conditions:

  • Direct deliveries from Uzbekistan. Minimum order – 20 mt ( One full truck ). Mixed loadings are also organised.
  • The product is ready for departure in the course of 14 days since the order moment.
  • The delivery is carried out worldwide, by the most appropriate method: by ships, by trains, or by trucks.
  • First 2 deliveries are carried out on the conditions of prepayment. If the cooperation proves to be successful, the deferment of payment becomes possible.
  • Estimated delivery time is up to 20 working days.
  • Claims on the quality of product are accepted during first 2 weeks since the product receipt.
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Uzbekistan: +998 906 049 505


Samrin Trade will deliver the products anywhere in the world, using the most appropriate means of transportation: by sea, by railroads, or by conventional roads.

Humidity: not more than 20%.



from small
to 3 cm in length.

The difference of the black raisins from the other sorts

grapes after drying in the shade. Such dried fruits are the healthiest, and they retain the maximal amount of beneficial and nutritious elements existing in the grapes.

Beneficial features of the black raisins

Black raisins are full of beneficial elements. Aside from the lots of potassium and iron, the raisins are full of vitamins of the groups A, B, C, E, and K. Black raisins are a perfect natural antioxidant: those who eat black raisins regularly are less likely to have caries and problems with the mouth cavity. Black raisins positively affect heart work; they are used to cure anemia and general weakness.

The use of black raisins

Traditionally, the black raisins are used in cookery and in home medicine. They are a vital ingredient in the cuisines of many nationalities: it is hard to imagine traditional Uzbek pilaf or lentil soup without the black raisins. Often the raisins are used in making of different bakery products, meat sauces, and desserts. Medical properties of the black raisins help to cure coughing, bronchitis, pneumonia, and hypertension, and to prevent heart diseases.

100 g of the product approximately contain:

Dietary fibers
79.18 g
59.19 g
3.1 g
Proteins 3,07 g
Saturated fat
0 g
0 g
Energy value 1676 kJ /
400 kcal


The quality of the product confirmed the published certificates.

  • certificate-fscc-samrin
  • certificate-9001-samrin


Main stages of production:

  • Vibratory separator
  • Cascade wash
  • Drying
  • Calibration
  • Laser scanner
  • X-ray apparatus
  • Manual sorting
  • Packing and metal detector
Let's start to work?Let’s start to work?

Uzbekistan: +998 906 049 505

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